art director / creative

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Given the opportunity to upscale the company's art studio instagram account, I used 3 images in relation to one another creating a visual pattern, to be viewed in the gallery grid mode as a whole. It also opened up opportunities in creating visual campaigns in 3's. The campaign doubled its followers in only a few months of activity.

Case Study #2

A request was made to create a personal company content for the 4th of July weekend last summer. I immediately turned on my iPhone and recorded coworkers off guard & getting a bit in their personal space. Some obviously were perturbed and others just joined in on the fun. Afterwards I approached our senior editor to piece the segments. I Then asked one of our musically talented producers to come up with a 4th of July jingle. The result is a 'one day collab', Not bad. It also turned out to be the companies most responsive social media post to date.

Case Study #3

Some selected samples of the content created for social media. One of the first in the 3's series was an art awareness campaign.